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From Determination to Delivery

From its inception, SDS was created with one purpose in mind: to produce the world’s most accurate gunshot detection technology. Our systems needed to be not only extremely reliable but also simple to install and easy to use. SDS solutions give customers immediate notification of a shooting event – without complex and expensive interpretation. What has resulted is our pioneering Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System — the first stand-alone, smart sensor for indoor active shooter events.

Today, our investment has led to over 11 million hours of installed product use across the country. Our commitment and passion for safety has led SDS to become the gunshot detection solutions provider of choice, dedicated to superior products and satisfied customers.

Advancing Safety

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Indoor Active Shooter Detection

Revolutionize your security and evacuation response protocols during an active shooter event with SDS Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection Solution’s immediate shot detection and vital information dissemination technologies.
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A Pursuit of Innovation

Experience and innovation are the most critical factors behind SDS continued success. For over two decades, extensive development based upon customer feedback has been infused into the core technology behind our products. With over 10,000 gunshot detection systems in use, we are proud to be considered the market leader of a product line that has a life-saving impact on our customers. That is the inspiration for our product evolution.